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Roepman tells the story of a 1966 railway community told through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy called Timus (Paul Loots).


Timus and his family are trapped within the structural violence caused by the government and the church at the time. An unlikely hero, Joon (John-Henry Opperman) often appears to save Timus when he's in trouble. These acts of kindness are seen by Timus as miracles.


Timus tells the story of Joon, his own coming of age and loss of innocence, and how Joon tries to give a little of that lost innocence back to Timus.

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Some interesting trivia that you may not have known about Roepman:

  • Roepman was filmed on five locations in South Africa from mid July 2010 to the end of August 2010

    1. All interiors were shot in Linden, Johannesburg
    2. Exteriors and street scenes were shot in Springs, Johannesburg
    3. Steam engins and railwaistation shots were all shot at Rovos Rail in Pretoria
    4. Beach Scenes, shot on locoation in Durban
    5. Church scenes hsot at a church in the "Moot", Pretoria

  • On commencement of production, Roepman lead actor, Paul Loots (Timus Rademan) was eleven years old.
  • The lawns of eight neighbouring houses had to be painted green as the film is set in Durban, a city in a lush tropical region of South Africa. Production of exterior shots were in fact done at the hight of a Highveld winter in Johannesburg, 550km from Durban.
  • John-Henry Opperman (Joon the Roepman), a South African Musician in the band Klopjag, first read ROEPMAN the novel in 2005 and upon completion was so taken with the book that he wrote author, Jan van Tonder, whilst traveling on tour with his band (on the back of a "bakkie"). He thanked Van Tonder for his work and was later told that he reminded the author of the character in this semi-autobiographical work.
  • Paul Eilers who directed the film, is also seen as the dominee (priest) in the film.
  • Beáte Olwagen (Rykie Rademan) and Desire Gardner (Erika Rademan) has portrayed being sisters in many productions prior to Roepman.
  • “Daar sal nie gedans word nie” (There will be no dancing) – Words spoken by character Abraham Rademan, jokingly became part of the banter on set and ended up being printed on the Crew T-Shirts.
  • Roepman is the first ever Afrikaans film to be released on Blu-Ray
  • In the scene where the Roepman wakes up one of the locomotive drivers, he is handed back a book through the window. The man handing him the book is in fact the author of the novel ROEPMAN, Jan van Tonder.
  • In the scene where he community starts to dance in the “fountain” caused by a broken water pipe, there are three older woman dancing amongst the crowd. These ladies are in fact the real-life sisters of the author Jan van Tonder on which the characters Rykie and Erika Rademan are based.